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by | Oct 12, 2023 | Activities for Girls, Advice

Activity for Girls to Help Identify and Address Fear

Halloween stirs up lots of excitement. It also has a tendency to stir up fear. This month is a great month to spend time together to talk about what might be making girls feel afraid. The following is an activity that might be a great way to share feelings among the members of the group while also building a stronger sense of connection.

Materials Needed:

A comfortable and quiet meeting space

Blank sheets of paper

Markers, pens, and colored pencils

Small envelopes or paper bags

Sticky notes
A container or basket
Index cards

Introduction (15 minutes):

Begin by welcoming all the girls and explaining the purpose of the activity: to help each other overcome fears by sharing, discussing, and supporting one another. Emphasize the importance of creating a safe and judgment-free space where everyone feels comfortable sharing their fears.

Fear-Identification (15 minutes):

Distribute blank sheets of paper and ask each girl to write down one of their fears. It could be a common fear, a personal one, or something specific they’d like to overcome. Encourage them to be honest and open in expressing their fears.

Fear-Sharing (20 minutes):

Collect the sheets of paper with the written fears, fold them, and place them in a container or basket.
One by one, girls should take turns drawing a piece of paper from the container and reading it aloud (without revealing the author).

After reading the fear, they should place it face down on a table.

Group Discussion (20 minutes):

Once all the fears are on the table, facilitate a group discussion around each fear. Encourage girls to share any similar experiences or fears they’ve had. Offer advice or strategies for overcoming the fear. Share any stories of personal growth related to a similar fear. Write down their thoughts on sticky notes and attach them to the respective fear paper.

Fear-Conquering Strategies (15 minutes):

In small groups or pairs, ask the girls to brainstorm practical strategies to overcome their own fears based on the discussions and advice shared.

Each group should present their strategies to the larger group.

Encouragement Cards (15 minutes):

Provide index cards and art supplies (markers, pens, colored pencils).

Encourage each girl to create an encouragement card for the person who shared the fear they found most relatable or impactful.

These cards should contain supportive messages, motivational quotes, or simple drawings.

Closing Reflection (10 minutes):

Gather everyone in a circle and reflect on what they’ve learned during the activity. Emphasize the power of sharing, support, and empathy in overcoming fears. Encourage girls to keep their fear papers and read them whenever they need a reminder of the support they have within the group.

This SYF activity promotes bonding, self-awareness, and emotional support among girls while helping them address and overcome their fears together. It empowers them with shared wisdom and strategies to face their fears head-on.


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