About The Creator

Shannon Addison is a “work-at-home” mom, military spouse, and mother of two amazing girls. Her mother (who was a teacher for 25 years) inspired her to create a product line that would positively impact the lives of children.

Her mom believed that everyone is given a voice to use for whatever purpose each person intends to pursue. The challenge, she said, was finding a way to use your voice for good. For Shannon, this is her voice.

“I believe that true beauty exists in those things that differentiate us from everyone else. Through the process of developing self-acceptance, we gain empowerment…using the strengths that make each of us unique.”

The Breadcrumbz Mission

Raising girls has provided a lot of insight about what lessons are important during the most critical growth years. Today there are a lot of products on the market that promote self-esteem, but not many that really target self-acceptance.

Throughout this journey with each of the Breadcrumbz, girls are not only shown how to acknowledge who they are with their own shortcomings or flaws, but are guided through a process that suggests how to embrace them and to celebrate the difference they make in their lives.