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A world where a trail of Breadcrumbz leads to friendship, connection, and acceptance. We are launching a (first of its’ kind) interactive baking book and baking products line that provide tools necessary to learn how to connect while developing skills to bake!

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About Us

We know girls are lost. We want to help them find their way back to who they are. We provide tools for parents, caregivers, teachers, counselors, etc. to help guide girls through the process of ‘girlhood’ by teaching them about empowerment and by communicating with them effectively.   

My Crumby Guide to Baking and Friendship Making

So much more to learn than just baking bread! 

Even though you will be given the step by step process of baking different types of breads, including sourdough from a starter. This interactive book looks at the ingredients necessary for friendship, and the importance of apologizing to a friend when it is necessary to do so. So many great things inside of this book for parents, it’s not just for little ones!


“What a wonderful method of teaching girls how to like themselves better, with cute characters!”

Gwen Bloom


“This is so creative, innovative, and fun for little girls. I love all of the characters names.”

Mekhi Jacobson


“I love this! Anything that boost girls’ confidence and validates their interests. So needed in a society filled with peer pressure.”

Ajwa House

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Also receive the 3 C’s Recipes! Guides to help build confidence, courage, and conflict resolution. Comes with exercises to reinforce what is learned. Great resource for parents, teachers, and guidance counselors.