What is your trail?

by | May 25, 2021 | Articles

It’s easy to have a following when you leave a trail…

As a parent I often wonder about the path that each of my daughters might choose as they navigate their way though pre-teen and teenage years. While I cannot always predict their future decisions, I can look at their previous choices, their successes and their stumbles to get an idea of where they might go. I find it is easier to sit with them and look back on these trails together as we evaluate what worked, and what didn’t.

As a kid, I always marveled at the idea that by dropping breadcrumbs, you could keep yourself from getting lost as you explored uncharted territory. The problem we face in our society now is this instant gratification, total perfection, completely distorted reality that the majority of girls find completely impossible to navigate. The result is that most of them become lost, with no markers to ultimately find their way home.

I created Breadcrumbz as a means for girls to identify with what I feel are more accurate representations of their youth. The characters are not always the stars of the school play, nor are they the most valuable players on the team, or the math whiz kids who set the bar for the rest of the class to achieve. Instead they are flawed, imperfect, sometimes deficient types who are doing their best in a less than perfect world. My goal is to allow girls an opportunity to go on a journey with them, providing the means to problem solve through difficult and sometimes sticky situations.

I am not arguing that self-esteem is not important for girls to ultimately find their way to their true selves. I do believe, however, that self-acceptance is a critical first step in building the foundation for esteem. This is our trail, we welcome you to follow…


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