What is DELICIOUS to eat on PUMPERNICKEL bread?

by | Apr 25, 2024 | Recipes

Warm, fresh, pumpernickel bread is always great right out of the oven (after cooling a bit). If you are looking for yummy options to eat with your pumpernickel… here are some ideas!!

–A pat of butter is always a good choice! This allows you to embrace the full flavor of the hearty bread in all of its’ goodness.

–If you would like to add a touch of sweetness, add a drizzle of honey to the butter and be prepared to fall in love with your new favorite snack!

–Cream cheese is also a great option to serve on pumpernickel bread, and allows you to be creative when topping it. Some cucumber slices and a dash of salt are divine! Or, you can go the sweeter route and add some of your favorite berries.

–Some prefer the saltier side of pumpernickel snacks and put a little smoked salmon on their bread with spreadable cheese.

It is really up to you! It pairs well with cold cuts, cheese, and savory snacks as it does sweet. Go on an adventure with your taste buds and try a few options to see what you like. Hopefully, you will add pumpernickel to your bread selections all the time!


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