As Parents, Do We Want What is GOOD for our Children? Or What is BEST?

by | Jul 26, 2022 | Fun

Parenting isn’t easy. Being a great parent is almost impossible these days given the awesome responsibility that involves a LOT of work. Daniel Wong, author of “10 Questions That Successful Parents Ask Themselves,” spoke with thousands of students and parents and found that despite their good intentions, “Parents often do things that confuse, annoy, anger or frustrate their children.”

Wanting to take a deeper dive into this conversation I decided to ask this question on my social media page on My Crumby World. I am curious to find out what parents think about advising their kids to do what is good versus what is “best.” Wong says that in most cases the parents do not choose for their children to take the “best” path, because it is the one that is full of the most challenges, obstacles, and disappointments. As he states, “It might even be full of the “F” word…failure.” I am a true believer in failure, so much so that I wrote a book about it (My Crumby Guide to Failure… available on Amazon Does this mean that parents will choose to direct their kids towards possibly failing to ensure that they get what is “best” for them? Probably not. The reality is, to get to what is ‘best’ they may have to experience what is ‘worst.’ As will their parents, and I am not sure parents can stomach that for their children these days.

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