Welcome to My Crumby World!  We are so glad you are here.  There are lots of things to do on the site, and soon you will be able to become a member!  For now take a look in all of the rooms, and get to know the Breadcrumbz!  


Whitney wants to share her story with you!  

Whitney’s friends know her unique needs and how to respond to them.  Read about it in her story “Sometimes friends are the best medicine.”

How do you think Whitney feels about having to watch everything she eats?  How would YOU feel if you had to?  What if you had a friend with a special diet, would that make you angry if you couldn’t eat certain things because she was around?  Whitney wants you to know just how she feels!

Get to know Whitney by visiting her room where you can play a flower game, or draw with her pixel maker. Want to find some more fun stuff to do with the Breadcrumbz?  Buy your activity book here!

  How would you like to learn how to make an amazing TEA PARTY HAT?  Click here to learn the latest in Samantha’s Style.