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avatar1I had an opportunity to do some of the activities from the book at a focus group with a mixture of 10-15 girls of various ages. What I discovered was that the book contains project ideas that would be great for Girl Scout meetings to use as learning tools. As a Scout Leader, I am always looking for meaningful activities that I can do with girls within a specific age range of 6-12 years.
Lisa R., Girl Scout leader and mom

avatar2I am so happy to see a product line that is promoting acceptance to girls at this critical time in their lives. Learning that we are good enough just the way we are is so important. Hearing it from a source other than me helps drive it home in a more impactful way.
Mellissa, mom

avatar3Teaching girls acceptance in the grade school years will not only help them to develop a more positive attitude toward themselves, but will foster the type of environment that will discourage bullying behaviors. This product line aims to do just that!
Denise, elementary school guidance counselor

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