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The focus of the story “Random Crumbz of Kindness,” is how to be kind to someone new, in spite of the pressure from your peers.

“With consistent feedback on kindness and empathy, we can raise a generation of girls who reverse the trend of mean girl behavior that seems to grow in size with each passing year. We can make a difference.”  Kate Hurley  (Huffington Post)  The latest PEW research shows that things like empathy and kindness are low on the list of the traits that the majority of parents deem important for kids right now. Parents, it seems, are much more interested in raising “hard working” and “responsible” kids than raising kind and empathic kids. Borrowed from Want to Stop Mean Girls? Raise Nice Girls, Instead (Huffingtonpost.com)

The problem is that schools really don’t have the time to focus on kindness, compassion, empathy and the like.  With increasing pressure to meet state testing standards, the emphasis continues to shift away from these social skills.  So what can we do as parents? As teachers?

We can begin by having a dialogue with them, and the materials on this site are here to help you start a conversation.  By joining this site, you will have access to the stories that can prompt discussion about how situations should be handled.  The stories provide options for girls to choose to see how the decision might change the outcome.  With a premium membership, you will have access to the downloads that include discussion questions and activities that reinforce what is learned.

Another example of a featured story on the site:  Friends are the Best Medicine

The focus of this story is the importance of understanding the needs of others, and feeling what they might feel in a specific situation. Whitney has food allergies, and forgets to check ingredients before eating something at a birthday party. Because her friend Rachel understands her specific needs, she knows how to help Whitney when she has a reaction. It is important for kids to understand what causes allergic reactions, and not to blame the person with the allergies for having to make special accommodations.


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