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in  Sometimes Friends are the Best Medicine.

The focus of this story is the importance of understanding the needs of others, and feeling what they might feel in a specific situation. Whitney has food allergies, and forgets to check ingredients before eating something at a birthday party. Because her friend Rachel understands her specific needs, she knows how to help Whitney when she has a reaction. It is important for kids to understand what causes allergic reactions, and not to blame the person with the allergies for having to make special accommodations.

Whitney has a great picture that depicts what a lot of her symptoms feel like. If you would like to use the download with your child / student please contact me at info@mycrumbyworld.com.

allergy schematic

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When I saw your t-shirt with the darling Crumb with red hair I knew I had to get it for my daughter! I just love her red hair, and I want her to be as proud as Whitney is!

(Proud mom of fellow redhead)